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  • Worldwide Topsites reserve the right to refuse acceptance to any site.
    • Reasons for such refusal (but not limited to) are:-
      • Pornography.
      • Site does not fit in with category chosen.
      • The site is to general in nature to fit a category.
      • Other reasons at our discretion.

  • Although Worldwide Topsites does not accept sites such as pornography
    and xxx etc. we would wish to point out that it is not necessarily an all
    ages friendly site. We would therefore advise that children should be
    supervised whilst using this site.

  • Webmasters should have at least a basic knowledge of html. You must be
    capable of at least adding the reciprocal link to your page.

  • Any person found to be or suspected of cheating will be removed. Detailed
    logs of activity on each account is recorded. Various methods of traffic
    monitoring are used and sites will be suspended or banned if found to be
    abusing the system.

  • Worldwide Topsites does not accept liability for the infringement of
    copyright by third parties and is not responsible for the content of linked
    sites. It is up to member webmasters to stay within the laws of the land.
    We therefore cannot accept any liability for loss or damage of any kind
    arising from the use of information obtained directly or indirectly from this
    web site.

  • Banner/buttons are provided for you to use with our return link. You may use
    your own design or a text only link if you wish.

  • You may use our link in your email newsletters if you wish.

  • Do not spam our link.

  • Your banner that you wish to place on Worldwide Topsites must be run from
    your own web space. Please note that free web hosts such as ( but not
    limited to ) Geocities and Angelfire do not allow you to place images from their
    web space on to a third party site. Links to banners from such hosts will be

  • Banners must be of gif or jpg format. Any others will be removed.

  • Banners show for the TOP 100 sites in each category only.

  • Other notes associated with the sign up form are part of these terms and

  • Categories rerank every 15 minutes. All categories reset to zero every
    1st of the month.

  • Worldwide Topsites decision in disputes is final.



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