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Worldwide Topsites is a collection of web sites from around the world
arranged in popular subject categories. The site as it stands now is a result
of the coming together of Worldwide Top 100s and Worldwide Topsites.

For those that are unsure about a topsite, a webmaster adds a site to the
appropriate category in Worldwide Topsites and in return places a link back
to us on their site. The idea is that they will receive one "hit in" each time
someone visits us through the link on their site. The hits in total then
determines where that site is in the ranks. The out column totals up how
many visits to that site there have been through the link on our site.

The hit totals rerank every 30 minutes and reset to zero every 7 days.

That's basically it. If you are a webmaster why not add your site? If you are
just browsing then return to the previous page or the index and enjoy.

If you have any questions please take a look at the faq page or email us.



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